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Learn To Edit Using Final Cut Pro X – From Import to Edit, Export & Backup

The Interface - an introduction
Setting Up an Edit - working with Libraries, events & the browser
Importing Media - import Quicktime Video into Final Cut
Editing Basics - drag and drop and edit buttons
Moving Clips on The Timeline with The Select & Position Tools
Refine Your Timeline Edit using Trimming
Split Clips - 3 ways to split a clip on the timeline
Transitions - learn how to add, edit and use transitions to fade to black
Project & Timeline Customised Setup
Retime - Speed Up or Slow Down Clips on The Timeline
Split Screen Creation
Audio - Tips for Managing Levels & Edits
Create Transparency Using Keys & Animation
Editing Tip - use a J or L cut to fix an error
Scaling a Sequence From One Resolution to Another
Composite a FIFA Player Card PNG onto Game Footage
Stabilize Your Video Footage
Automatic & Manual Color Correction
Desaturate or Add a Tint to Your Video
Add an Animated GIF to Your Edit
Create Scrolling Credits
Export an Image as a JPEG or PNG
Speed Up Editing & Save Disk Space with a Proxy Timeline
Clear Space on Your Hard Drive by Deleting Render & Proxy Files
Backing Up in Final Cut Pro X
Create a Timed Image Presentation Video with a Voiceover
Create Looping Videos for the Web or DVD
Export an Image Sequence of JPEGs, TIFFs or PNGs
Image Resolution Tips for Final Cut Pro