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Skillshare Learn Modern JavaScript Advanced Topics

Video Introducing this tutorial

Lecture 1 Course Introduction
Lecture 2 Where Will You Go with JavaScript
Think Like a Programmer 1 Libraries and Frameworks
Lecture 3 Advanced Concepts for Function and Objects
Lecture 4 Functions are Objects
Lecture 5 First Class Functions
Lecture 6 Invoking Functions
Lecture 7 Creating JavaScript Objects
Lecture 8 Understanding this
Lecture 9 Understanding this with Normal Function Invocation
Lecture 10 Normal Function Invocation Using strict Mode
Lecture 11 Examining this with Method Invocation
Lecture 12 Understanding Prototypes
Lecture 13 Understanding the Prototype of Functions
Lecture 14 Using Call and Apply Function Methods
Lecture 15 Using the Bind Function Method
Lecture 16 Invoking Functions as Constructors
Lecture 17 Constructor Invocation and the Value of this
Lecture 18 Higher Order Functions, Callbacks and the Problem with this
Lecture 19 Arrow Functions
Think Like a Programmer 2A DRY Programming
Think Like a Programmer 2B DRY Programming Exercise 1
Lecture 20 Working with Objects Introduction
Lecture 21 Detecting Properties on Objects
Lecture 22 Changing Property Attributes
Exercise 2 Start
Exercise 2 Finish
Lecture 23 Making Objects Immutable
Lecture 24 ES6 Object Features
Lecture 25 Understanding Method Chaining
Lecture 26 The Power of Functions Introduction
Lecture 27 Immediately Invoked Function Expressions
Exercise 3 Start
Exercise 3 Finish
Lecture 28 Understanding Closure
Think Like a Programmer 3A Avoiding Global Variables
Think Like a Programmer 3B Using the Namespace Pattern
Exercise 4 Start
Exercise 4 Finish
Exercise 5 Start
Exercise 5 Finish
Think Like a Programmer 4 The Module Pattern Part 1
Think Like a Programmer 4 Overview of Fill in Question Code (OPTIONAL)
Think Like a Programmer 4 The Module Pattern Part 2
Think Like a Programmer 4 The Module Pattern Part 3
Think Like a Programmer 4 The Module Pattern Part 4
Lecture 29 Introduction to Working with Data
Lecture 30 JSON Basics
Lecture 31 Creating a JSON File
Lecture 32 Loading a JSON File Using XMLHttpRequest
Lecture 33 Testing on a Server
Exercise 8 Start
Exercise 8 Finish
Think Like a Programmer 5 Programming Paradigms
Lecture 34 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
Lecture 35 OOP Theory
Lecture 36 Setting the Prototype Review
Lecture 37 The Constructor Property
Lecture 38 OOP Exercise Part 1 - Introduction
Lecture 39 OOP Exercise Part 2
Lecture 40 OOP Exercise Part 3
Lecture 41 OOP Exercise Part 4
Lecture 42 OOP Exercise Part 5
Lecture 43 OOP Exercise Part 6
Lecture 44 OOP Exercise Part 7
Lecture 45 OOP Exercise Part 8
Lecture 46 OOP Exercise Part 9
Lecture 47 OOP Exercise Part 10 - Getters and Setters
Lecture 48 OOP Exercise Wrap Up
Lecture 49 Enumerating Objects with the for in Loop
Lecture 50 Private Data in Constructors
Lecture 51 Creating Safe Constructors
Lecture 52 Can I Modify the Built-in Prototypes
Lecture 53 What About ES6 Classes
Think Like a Programmer 6 Starting a Project