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Skillshare Learn Firebase For Android

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction To The Course
2. A Little Intro About Firebase And Setting The Stage!
3. Setting Up Email And Password Fields
4. Intro and SignUp Layout
5. Creating SignUp Activity And Method
6. Inside The SignUp Method!
7. Completing it all!
8. Creating A UserAccountActivity Layout
9. Finishing The Layout And Logout
10. Dialog For Logout And Onwards!
11. Update Password Layout
12. Finishing Update Password!
13. Update Email Activity And Layout
14. Update Email Finishing
15. Improving UI/UX Experience For The User!
16. Creating And Showing Splash Screen!
17. Creating layout for name in SignUp Activity
18. Configuring For Firebase Real-time Database
19. Understanding Fireabse Realtime Database Methods And Setting it Up!
20. Saving The User's Name In FIrebase!
21. Getting The User's Name From Firebase
22. Showing The User's Name In App And Further!
23. Creating The Layout For Note Taking
24. Understanding Our Database Structure And Setting Up Method For Create Note
25. Putting Note In Firebase- The Incorrect Way!
26. Create Note In Firebase - The Correct Way~!
27. Reading Notes From Firebase
28. Recycler View Plus Adapter Explanation
29. RecyclerView Items Setup
30. RecyclerView Adapter Setup
31. Showing Notes In App
32. Creating Layout For Edit Notes
33. A Detour And Learning A New Way
34. Edit Notes Layout Finished
35. Edit Notes Activity Finished With A Bug (Yes! A UI bug)
36. Fixing The UI Bug And Learning About Debugging
37. Creating Delete Notes Layout And Activity
38. Deleting The Notes In Firebase And Asking The User Before Deleting
39. Connecting User Account Activity To Our App Flow And Finishing It Up~!