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Skillshare Learn Adobe Photoshop Like a Pro – Advanced Techniques

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Course Trailer
2. Advance Hair Masking
3. Remove any Object, Person or Anything
4. Powerful Secret Blending Modes
5. Create your Fake Lights get Realistic
6. Boring Picture to Awesome Cinematic Look
7. Change any Colors to Other in ACR
8. Change Specific Color to Other Colors
9. White Balance is Actually Easy Now
10. Enhance the Skin and Realistic Eyes
11. Compositing Techniques
12. Cinematic Composition Techniques
13. Fake Tattoo - Rock your Instagram Look
14. Luminosity Blending Mode - Its Powerful
15. Product Photography Editing
16. Why Shadow is Important in Photoshop?
17. Bonus Class and Submit your Project
18. Thank you Video.