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Skillshare How to Study for Exams – An Evidence-Based Masterclass

1. How to Study - Welcome to the Class
2. The 3 Steps of Effective Studying
3. Understand Anything With the Feynman Technique
4. The Science of Active Recall
5. How to Learn New Content With Active Recall
6. Taking Notes During Class
7. Taking Notes After Class
8. Scoping the Subject
9. The Importance of Understanding
10. Finding a Syllabus for Yourself
11. The Magic of Spaced Repetition
12. The Retrospective Revision Timetable
13. Simon Clark’s Spaced Repetition Journal
14. The Power of Interleaved Practice
15. Should You Re-Read Your Notes
16. How to Highlight Effectively
17. How to Use Flashcards Properly
18. Flashcard Alternative - Google Sheets vs Anki
19. Mind Maps
20. Memory Techniques - Mnemonics
21. Memory Techniques - The Peg System
22. Memory Techniques - The Mind Palace
23. The Essay Memorisation Framework
24. The Active Recall Framework
25. BONUS - How to Use Anki Flashcards Properly
26. Motivation Is a Myth
27. How to Reduce Distractions
28. The Pomodoro Technique - Pros and Cons
29. The Best Music to Study With
30. Maintaining Work-Life Balance While Studying
31. How to Study Effectively With Friends
32. Conclusion
33. BONUS - Burnout and Work-Life Balance ft. Simon Clark
34. BONUS - Motivation, Focus & Friction Reduction ft. Simon Clark
35. BONUS - Eating and Music While Studying ft. Simon Clark
36. BONUS - Dealing With Procrastination ft. Simon Clark