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Skillshare How to migrate your WordPress website

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Course introduction
2. The Basics
3. Scenario 1: Step 1: Prepare the production environment
4. S1: Step 2: Creating the duplicator package and upload it
5. S1: Step 3: Finishing the migration
6. Scenario 2: Step 1: Installing WP DB Migrate Pro plugin on New web host
7. S2: Step 2: Installing WP DB Migrate Pro plugin on old web host
8. S2: Step 3: Establishing the connection between two sites
9. S2: Step 4: Finishing the Migration
10. Scenario 3: Introduction to Manual Approach
11. S3: Step 1: Introduction to SSH and How to use it
12. S3: Step 2: Create a backups directory using the MKDIR command
13. S3: Step 3: Compressing the wp-content directory using the TAR command
14. S3: Step 4: Export the database using the WP-CLI
15. S3: Step 5: Get the full directory path for the backups directory for use in step 8
16. S3: Step 6: Create a fresh WordPress website on the New Web Host with a temporary domain name
17. S3: Step 7: Login to New Web host via SSH
18. S3: Step 8: Use the rsync command to copy the files from old web host to new web host
19. S3: Step 9: Import the Database using the WP-CLI
20. S3: Step 10: Search and replace OLD URL with the new URL
21. S3: Step 11: Extract the wp-content directory
22. S3: Step 12: Finishing the migration