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Skillshare How to Make French Macarons

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. How to Make French Macarons: An Introduction
2. Project Description
3. The Anatomy of a Macaron
4. The Do’s and Don’t of Macaron Making
5. The Equipment You Need
6. The Ingredients You Need
7. Preparing the Almond/Sugar Mixture
8. Making the Meringue
9. Macaronnage: Incorporating the Almond/Sugar Mixture Into the Meringue
10. Piping the Macaron Shells
11. Baking the Macaron Shells
12. Making a Basic Buttercream Filling
13. Filling (and Storing) Macarons
14. Get Creative! Flavor Inspirations
15. Final Thoughts: Let's Get Baking!