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Skillshare GitHub Repository Fundamentals

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction to Github Repository Fundamental
2. Get a Real GitHub Repository Project
3. Review GitHub Commits
4. Forking A Real GitHub Projects
5. Create and Manage Branch from GitHub
6. About GitHub Packages
7. Managing Tags and Releases in GitHub Repository
8. GitHub Contributors
9. Licensing A Repository
10. Real Pull Request Project
11. Create and Manage GitHub Issues
12. GitHub Labels and Milestones
13. GitHub Actions
14. GitHub Project Boards
15. GitHub Wikis
16. Adding Security Policy To Your Repository
17. Viewing a Summary of Repository Activity
18. Accessing Basic Repository Data
19. Managing Repository Settings
20. Enabling Branch Restrictions
21. GitHub Webhooks
22. Email Notifications for Pushes To Your Repository
23. GitHub Repository Integrations , Deploy Key and Secret.
24. Temporary Interaction Limits
25. Managing User Account Settings