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Skillshare Figma for UI/UX Design 2021: Learning by Doing approach

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction to the Course
2. Setting up the environment
4. Understand client Requirement and Wireframe
5. Color Pallete and Primary Colour
6. Secondary Colours and Tertiary Colours
7. Tertiary and gray
8. Typeface Selection and Typescale
9. Heading Styles
10. Setting up artboard and grid
11. Making the Navigation Bar
12. Headings and Text Styles
13. Creating background and pasting image
14. Call to Action Button
15. Next section and autolayout
16. Designing Feature Cards with Auto Layout
17. Adding Background to the Cards
18. Building Cards the other way for the next section
19. Building next section with images and cards
20. Do it yourself for the rest of the design
21. Thank You