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Skillshare Excel Skills For Business Essential

Video Introducing this tutorial

01-week 1-1 excel templates
02-week 2-1 formulas
03-week 2-2 functionsum and auto sum
04-week 2-3 functionaveragemin and max
05-week 2-4 absolute cell refrence
06-week 3-1 replace blanks with repeating values
07-week 3-2 fix datesyeardaymonthtext
08-week 3-3 remove unwanted spacestrimclean
09-week 3-4 diagnoticsisnumberlen code
10-week 3-5 remove unwanted charactersubstitutecharvalue
11-week 4-1 managings rows and columns
12-week 4-2 find and replace
13-week 4-3 filtering
14-week 4-4 conditional formating
15-week 5-1 printing preview
16-week 5-2