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Excel PivotTables Part 1: PivotTables 101

1. Class Materials and Outline
2. Getting to Know the IMBD Dataset
3. Setting Expectations
4. Why Pivot Tables?
5. Structuring Your Source Data
6. Inserting Your First Pivot Table
7. Navigating the Field List
8. Pivot Table Options: Analyze and Design
9. Selecting, Clearing, Moving & Copying Pivots
10. Refreshing & Updating Pivots
11. PRO TIP: Dealing with Growing Source Data
12. How Pivot Tables Actually Work
13. Number Formatting
14. PRO TIP: Automatically Formatting Empty Cells
15. Table Layouts & Styles
16. PRO TIP: Using Tabular Tables to Create New Source Data
17. Customizing Headers & Labels
18. Conditional Formatting
19. PRO TIP: Data Bars with Invisible Text
20. Sorting Options
21. PRO TIP: Why is my Alphabetical Sorting Wrong?
22. Label Filters & Manual Selections
23. PRO TIP: Using Label Filters with Wildcards
24. Value Filters
25. PRO Tip: Enabling Multiple Filters
26. Grouping Data
27. PRO TIP: Automatic Date Grouping
28. Using Slicers & Timelines to Filter Data
29. Breaking Out Report Filter Pages
30. "Summarize Values By" Options
31. PRO TIP: Avoiding the "Count Of" Trap
32. "Show Value As" Calculations
33. Show Values As: % of Column/Row
34. Show Values As: % of Parent
35. Show Values As: Difference From
36. Show Values As: Running Total
37. Show Values As: Rank
38. Show Values As: Index
39. Inserting Calculated Fields
40. Calculations in Pivots vs. Raw Data
41. PRO TIP: Calculating Using Counts
42. PRO TIP: Calculating Using Counts (part 2)
43. Inserting a Calculated Item (not recommended!)
44. The Solve Order & List Formulas Tools