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Skillshare Easily create Pixel Art with Blender. Beginner Friendly

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction
2. Setting Up Blender
3. Navigating the 3D Space
4. Creating Objects
5. Editing Meshes
6. Using Modifiers
7. Working with Materials
8. Camera and Lighting Setup
9. Render Settings
10. Creating the Pixel Art Compositor
11. Modelling the Chest
12. Adding Details to the Chest
13. Adding Materials to the Chest
14. Creating an Animation for the Chest
15. Modelling a Potion Bottle
16. Creating the Potion Liquid
17. Adding Materials to the Potion
18. Modelling a Mushroom
19. Adding Materials to the Mushroom
20. Modelling a Key
21. Adding Materials to the Key
22. Creating an Animation for the Key
23. Creating Variations with a Lattice
24. Creating Sprite Sheets
25. Where to from here?