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Skillshare Digital Inking for Comics – A Futuristic Scene

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction Video
2. L1 Keeping the Light Source in Mind
3. L2 Practice Activity Shading a Sphere
4. L3 Adding a Drop Shadow
5. L4 Inking Our Scene Silhouettes First
6. L5 Adding in Some Perspective Lines
7. L6 Inking the Tech
8. L7 Adding Straight Lines to the Work
9. L8 Adding in More Details
10. L9 Lines Lines and More Lines Time Lapse Part 1
11. L10 Inking the Planets and Stars
12. L11 Adding in Additional Shadows
13. L12 Adding More Shadows
14. L13 Cross Hatching Part 1
15. L14 Cross Hatching Part 2
16. L15 Inking the Girl Character
17. L16 Inking the Male Character Part 1
18. L17 Inking the Male Character Part 2
19. L18 Finishing Touches
20. L19 Making Adjustments
21. L20 Practice Activity 001