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Skillshare Develop Java MVC web apps using MyBatis, Servlets and JSP

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Course Intro
2. Software required on your PC : Laptop
3. Overview of Mybatis
4. Eclipse project with required dependencies
5. Starting the H2 database in server mode
6. Entity classes using Lombok
7. Configuring Mybatis to work with our database
8. CustomerDao mapper interface
9. DaoFactory for creating a CustomerDao instance
10. Add new customer
11. Retrieve a customer by id
12. Update customer data
13. Delete a customer record
14. Get all customers
15. Get customers by city
16. Overview of web applications in Java
17. WAR structure
18. Setting up Apache Tomcat in Eclipse
19. Create a Maven web project
20. Servlet, GenericServlet and HttpServlet
21. Our first servlet class
22. Handling request parameters
23. Client side redirection
24. Server side include and forward
25. The request scope
26. The session scope
27. The application scope
28. Introducing JavaServer Pages (JSP)
29. Our first JSP
30. JSP Elements
31. JSP scripting elements demo
32. Creating a JSP custom action
33. Advanced custom action demo
34. JSP Expression Language
35. Overview of JSP Standard Tag Library
36. A simple MVC demo
37. Cookies
38. Filters
39. 39 Setting up the project (css, homepage, header, footer)
40. 40 Database schema
41. The DAO layer
42. The Service layer
43. Overview of registration process
44. DAO functions createUser and getUserByEmail
45. Service function registerUser
46. Controller servlet RegisterServlet
47. View register
48. Encrypt password using BCrypt
49. Dashboard controller and view
50. Render the login form to the user
51. Handling POST submission in LoginServlet
52. The login() business method in UserService
53. Implementing the logout feature
54. Conditional display menu items in the header
55. Securing access to resources using a filter
56. Render a link and a form to add new contact
57. Handle POST submission from contactForm
58. Service function addNewContact()
59. Implementing the DAO function createContact()
60. DAO function getContactById()
61. Service function getContactById()
62. Controller ViewContactServlet
63. View show contact
64. DAO function getAllContacts()
65. Service function getAllContacts()
66. Controller ViewAllContactsController
67. View show contacts
68. Viewing contact details in a form for editing
69. DAO function updateContact()
70. Service function updateContact()
71. Controller EditUpdateContactController
72. Shifting reusable code to a filter
73. DAO function deleteContact()
74. Service function deleteContact()
75. Controller DeleteContactServlet
76. Deleting a contact from different views
77. Changing the appearance (theme) of our application dynamically
78. Creating a production build
79. Deploy to a local Apache Tomcat Server