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Skillshare Design Pixel-Perfect Posters & Mockups in Photoshop

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Skillshare Poster Intro
2. Rock Band Poster Design 1 Gathering Assets for Your Rock Band Poster
3. Rock Band Poster Design 2 File Setup for Print
4. Rock Band Poster Design 3 How to Create a Radial Starburst Background
5. Rock Band Poster Design 4 How to Add Text and Images
6. Rock Band Poster Design 5 Text Shortcuts
7. Rock Band Poster Design 6 Pushing the Design Further
8. Rock Band Poster Design 7 How to Quickly Create Alternate Versions
9. Rock Band Poster Design 8 How to Export for Print and Web
10. Movie Poster Design 1 Project overview and gathering assets
11. Movie Poster Design 2 Quickly Drop in Main Elements
12. Movie Poster Design 3 How to Align and Distribute Text
13. Movie Poster Design 4 Blending it All Together
14. Movie Poster Design 5 Blending it All Together 2
15. Movie Poster Design 6 Blending it All Together 3
16. Movie Poster Design 7 Blending it All Together 4
17. Poster Mockups 1 Introduction
18. Poster Mockups 2 Mockup Overview
19. Poster Mockups 3 Adding Your Poster Design to the Mockups
20. Poster Mockups 4 Adjustment Layers and Reverse Engineering Template Files
21. Poster Mockups 5 More Adjustment Layers and Smart Object Introduction
22. Poster Mockups 6 Smart Objects
23. Poster Mockups 7 Finishing Touches