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CSS3 Shapes: Next Generation Websites

1. Course Trailer
2. Understanding native CSS Shapes
3. The Reference box in CSS Shapes
4. Understanding shape outside property
5. Understanding clip path masking property
6. Understanding margin box settings
7. Understanding border box settings
8. Understanding padding box settings
9. Understanding content box settings
10. Working with circle() function
11. Working reference box coordinates, farthest side & radius
12. Fast forwarded daily life use of circle() function
13. Working with ellipse() function
14. Working with inset() function
15. Working with polygon() function
16. Working with beautiful url() function
17. Introduction What you will learn & build
18. Creating beautiful & clean website layout
19. Improving styling of our Juicy grapes website
20. Making content flow around our shapes
21. Making our webpage responsive
22. Using CSS shape editing tool
23. Using clippy polygon generator tool
24. Using poly draw tool
25. Browser supports & polyfills
26. Animating your basic shapes
27. Animating your polygons shapes
28. Animating your shapes created by url() function
29. Creating Awesome webpage for girl with umbrella
30. Blue Parrot in love web page using CSS Shapes
31. Wrap Up