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Create a Retro City Loop in Cinema 4D & After Effects

1. Introduction
2. Building The City in Cinema 4D
3. Looping & Animating the City in Cinema 4D
4. Creating the Sun & Mountains in the Background
5. Lighting the City in Cinema 4D
6. Fog Glitch/Bug and how to fix it.
7. Creating the Lights on the Buildings in Cinema 4D
8. Multi-Colored Lights Effect in Cinema 4D
9. Bonus Lesson - Creating the Floating Particles in the City
10. Basic Export / Render Settings in Cinema 4D
11. Advanced Render Settings in Cinema 4D
12. Importing Renders into After Effects
13. Finishing the Project in After Effects
14. After Effects Render Settings, Final Output
15. Best Instagram & Youtube Render Settings
16. Outro