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Complete Electricity Generation For Electrical Engineering

1. Introduction to Generation
2. Definition of Generation
3. Why do we generate electricity
4. How do we generate electricity
5. Difference between induction generator and synchronous generator
6. Principle of Operation of Synchronous Generator
7. Types of Synchronous Generators
8. Self Excited induction generator
9. Principle of Operation of Induction Motor
10. Types of Induction Machine rotor
11. Principle Of Operation Of Double Fed Induciton Generator 1
12. Introduction to Generating Power Stations
13. Construction of Hydro Electric Power Plant
14. Types of Hydro Plants
15. Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydro Power Plant
16. Diesel Generators
17. Importance of Diesel Generators
18. Fossil Fuels Power Plant Construction
19. Enviromental Issues Fossil Fuels Of Power Plant
20. Nuclear Power Plant
21. Geothermal Power Plants
22. Wind Turbines
23. Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy
24. Solar Thermal Energy
25. Comparison between Costs of Different Power Plants
26. Factors affecting Generators
27. Comparison between Ramp and Run Time of Different Power Plants
28. Dispatchability
29. Load Demand