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Complete ElasticSearch with LogStash, Hive, Pig, MR & Kibana

Building Foundation :
Who we are - DataShark Academy
Lets talk about Search
Course Resources
What is a Search Engine
Inside a Search Engine
What is MetaData
ElasticSearch in a Nutshell
How ElasticSearch offers Scalability
ElasticsSearch provides High Availability
Multi-Tenancy Out of the Box
Full Text Search inside ElasticSearch
Real Time Analytics with ElasticSearch
Chapter Summary
1 question

Setup a Working Environment :
Tools we will need
Install Hortonworks Data Platform Sandbox - ( FOR WINDOWS PC USERS ONLY )
[Hands-on] - Installing wget
[Hands-on] - Lets start with installing Homebrew
[Hands-on] - Check Java Version installed
[Hands-on] - Check and Enable SSH
[Hands-on] - Getting Latest Apache Hadoop
[Hands-on] - Configuring Apache Hadoop Part - 1
[Hands-on] - Configuring Apache Hadoop Part - 2
[Hands-on] - Lets Bring Hadoop Daemons to Life
[Hands-on] - Configuring Apache Hadoop Part - 3
[Hands-on] - Getting ElasticSearch
[Hands-on] - Configuring ElasticSearch

[Hands-on] - Installing ElasticSearch Plugins:

[Hands-on] - Installing ElasticSearch Plugins:
[Hands-on] - Starting ElasticSearch Daemon and Checking out Plugins
Chapter Summary
2 questions

Building Blocks of ElasticSearch :
RDBMS vs ElasticSearch
How a document (data record) looks likes inside ElasticSearch
Marvels of Inverted Index
Shards - low level storage units in ElasticSearch
An ElasticSearch Node
ElasticSearch Cluster
Monitoring ElasticSearch Cluster's Health
How to Scale an ElasticSearch Cluster
RestAPIs in ElasticSearch
Chapter Summary
1 question

Operations in ElasticSearch :
A look at ShardID
Types of Operation in ElasticSearch
Inside Operations: &
[Hands-on] - Lets try a Write Operation

Inside Operations:
[Hands-on] - Lets try a Read Operation Part-1
[Hands-on] - Lets try a Read Operation Part-2

Inside Operation:
[Hands-on] - Lets try an Update Operation
[Hands-on] - Lets try a Delete Operation
Concept of Mapping in ElasticSearch
[Hands-on] - How to add Mappings on Indexed data
Data consistency using Templates
[Hands-on] - Using Templates
Chapter Summary
1 question

Queries in ElasticSearch :
Types of Search Queries
[Hands-on] - Creating Dataset for Search
[Hands-on] - Using QueryString Part-1: Select All
[Hands-on] - Using QueryString Part-2: Filter Specific Fields
Word of Caution with QueryStrings
[Hands-on] - Using DSL Queries Part-1
[Hands-on] - Using DSL Queries Part-2
Chapter Summary

Data Pipelines :
Basics about a Data Pipeline

Data Pipeline#1 - Apache Hive to ElasticSearch :
Setting Objectives
[Hands-on] - Installing Apache Hive
[Hands-on] - Configuring Apache Hive Part-1
[Hands-on] - Configuring Apache Hive Part-2
Getting ElasticSearch Connector JAR
Where to get free datasets for exercises
Understanding Our Dataset
[Hands-on] - Creating a Data Flow from Hive to ElasticSearch Index Part-1
[Hands-on] - Creating a Data Flow from Hive to ElasticSearch Part-2
[Hands-on] - Looking at ingested data inside ElasticSearch Cluster
2 questions

Data Pipeline#2 - ElasticSearch to Apache Hive :
Setting Objectives
[Hands-on] - Indexing Data inside ElasticSearch using Bulk API
[Hands-on] - Creating Data Flow from ElasticSearch Index to Hive table
Chapter Summary
2 questions

Data Pipeline#3 - Apache PIG to ElasticSearch :
Setting Objectives
Basics about Apache PIG
[Hands-on] - Installing Apache PIG
[Hands-on] - Configuring Apache PIG
Lets up a level by introducing Apache Hive into picture
[Hands-on] - Getting Dataset for the exercise
[Hands-on] - Creating data flow from Apache PIG to ElasticSearch Part-1
[Hands-on] - Creating data flow from Apache PIG to ElasticSearch Part-2
1 question

Data Pipeline#4 - ElasticSearch to Apache PIG :
[Hands-on] - Getting the Dataset
[Hands-on] - Creating a Data Flow from ElasticSearch to Apache PIG to HDFS
Chapter Summary

Data Pipeline#5 - MapReduce to ElasticSearch :
Basics about MapReduce
Key Classes in MapReduce & ElasticSearch Flow
[Hands-on] - Getting and Saving Dataset to HDFS
[Hands-on] - Creating an ElasticSearch Index and Mapping
[Hands-on] - Creating a Maven POM.xml file
[Hands-on] - Creating a Mapper Class
[Hands-on] - Creating a MapReduce Driver Class
[Hands-on] - Building MapReduce Program using Maven
[Hands-on] - Running MapReduce Application on Hadoop cluster
1 question

Data Pipeline#6 - ElasticSearch to MapReduce :
Setting Objectives
Getting Dataset for the exercise
[Hands-on] - Creating Mapper Class
[Hands-on] - Creating Driver Class
[Hands-on] - Building ES2MapReduce Program using Maven
[Hands-on] - Upload DSL query file to HDFS
[Hands-on] - Running ES2MR Application on Hadoop cluster
Chapter Summary

Data Pipeline#7 - LogStash to ElasticSearch :
Basics about LogStash
[Hands-on] - Installing LogStash
[Hands-on] - Configuring LogStash
[Hands-on] - Creating a simple data pipeline: STDIN to LogStash to ElasticSearch
[Hands-on] - Creating data pipeline using a File
LogStashing same file multiple times
1 question

Data Pipeline#8 - ElasticSearch to LogStash :
[Hands-on] - Creating a data pipeline from ElasticSearch Index to LogStash
Chapter Summary

Data Visualization :
Setting Objectives
Getting the Dataset
Basics about Data Visualization
[Hands-on] - Installing Kibana
[Hands-on] - Configuring Kibana
[Hands-on] - Starting Kibana
[Hands-on] - Creating Visualization Part-1: Histogram Chart
[Hands-on] - Creating Visualization Part-2: Donut Chart
[Hands-on] - Creating Dashboard using individual Visualizations
Chapter Summary
2 questions

Monitoring ElasticSearch Cluster :
[Hands-on] - Marvel Dashboard
[Hands-on] - How to extend Marvel's Free Trial
[Hands-on] - Monitoring Overall Cluster Health
[Hands-on] - Monitoring Cluster Health at Index Level details
[Hands-on] - Monitoring Cluster Health at Shard Level details
Wait for Trigger utility
[Hands-on] - Using Head Plugin
[Hands-on] - Monitoring Pending tasks in ElasticSearch Cluster
[Hands-on] - Using CAT API
Chapter Summary
2 questions

Where to go from here? :
Concluding Thoughts
Continue Learning

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