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Skillshare Complete Digital Transformation and Data Quality Management Course

Video Introducing this tutorial

Greetings and Course Overview
Why Is Digital Transformation Important and What Is The Definition
Lesson 1 Chief Data Officer vs Chief Data Office
Key Concepts of Chief Data Office Functions, Roles and Responsibilities
Where Does Data Quality Fit In The Chief Data Office And Its Main Objectives
Lesson 2 Overview and Data Quality Definition
6 Data Quality Dimensions and Examples
Data Owner and Data Steward Roles and Responsibilities
Lesson 3 Overview and Data Quality Management Definition
Data Quality Management Principles
5 Steps of Data Quality Management Process Cycle
Lesson 4 Overview, Data Profiling Definition and Technology Tools (Informatica)
Metadata, Technical Metadata and Business Metadata Definitions
Business Validation Rules Based On Data Profiling and Metadata
Lesson 5 Overview, Scorecard Definition and Demo
Root Cause Analysis Steps for Data Quality Issues
Data Cleansing and Data Quality Issue Management
Course Lectures Recap