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Skillshare Complete Admin Panel Development – CodeIgniter 3.x Framework

Video Introducing this tutorial

01-what you learn in this course
02-project demonstration-inventory management system
03-introduction of project workflow discussions and step by step playlist plans
04-project database schema and tables structure settings
05-codeigniter setup to system verify its running status and admin template setup
06-download and setting required asset files to project
07-development of controllers and helpers needed
08-login page layout settings and development
09-login function redirection concept
10-admin panel pages and layout settings
11-manage menus view files and its routes configurations
12-category page settings and layout development
13-save category and handle first ajax of application
14-category listing with action buttons and edit layout settings
15-category edit and develop functions development
16-brand page layout save brand and listing function development
17-handling brand page edit and delete action buttons functions
18-product-list and create product layout settings
19-loading category and respective brands to product page
20-save product to database with validations
21-listing products with action buttons and edit product layout settings
22-product edit and delete function development
23-create order page fields and layout settings
24-add more products at order jquery concept development
25-loading category respective brands and products to order layout
26-save order data settings to page
27-save order to database table and manage
28-handling item and amount function at create order
29-order invoice detail page layout and its data settings
30-manage reports of inventory store to view and download
31-admin profile settings page layout and its function development
32-handling logout function to admin
33-currency settings for different different countries and manage in code
34-product image settings-image attributes
35-reading and manage product image attributes at products
36-admin dashboard card layout its functions settings and redirections
37-fixing minor issues at admin panel
38-finalisation of inventory management system