Skillshare Character Animation Fundamentals: Creating an Animated Loop

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction
2. Picking the Colors
3. Illustration: Playing Around With Proportions
4. Illustration: Facial Features
5. Illustration: Adding Clothing
6. Illustration: Getting the Character Ready for Rigging
7. Illustration: Organizing the Layers
8. Getting Ready in After Effects
9. Rigging: Anchor Points
10. Rigging: Limbs Using DUIK
11. Rigging: Body and Head Controllers
12. Rigging: Facial Controls
13. Rigging: Cleaning up the Rig
14. Idle Animation: Key Poses
15. Idle Animation: Offsetting & Follow Through
16. Punch Animation: Extending the Loop
17. Punch Animation: The First Jab
18. Punch Animation: Facial Expressions
19. Punch Animation: The Double Jab
20. Punch Animation: Eye Darts
21. Run Cycle: Setting up the Character
22. Run Cycle: Animating the Legs
23. Run Cycle: Animating the Arms
24. Run Cycle: Animating the Extra Elements
25. Run Cycle: Offsetting & Follow Through
26. Run Cycle: Facial Animation
27. Transitioning From Running to Idling
28. Illustration: Punching Bag
29. Importing the Punching Bag
30. Extending His Reach
31. Punching Bag: Rotation
32. Punching Bag: CC Bend It
33. Punching Bag: Shadow
34. Parallax Camera Move
35. Exporting as a GIF

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