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Skillshare Buy Your First Camera: The Art Of Buying Used Cameras On Ebay!

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction
2. Class Project
3. What's The Deal With Cameras
4. Why Ebay?
5. Ebay: Search Part 1
6. Ebay: Search Part 2
7. Ebay: Nikon FE
8. Ebay: Nikon Lenses
9. Ebay: TLR
10. Ebay: Medium Format Film Crop
11. Ebay: Minolta X-700
12. Ebay: Nikon D810 & AF Lenses
13. Ebay: Canon 5D DSLR's
14. Ebay: Sony A7 Series
15. My Camera Recommendations
16. Where I Buy Film
17. Shipping Your Film To A Lab
18. Conclusion