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Build the original Instagram with React Native & Firebase

Video Introducing this tutorial

Setup Firebase project
Setup React Native app
Connect firebase project to react app
Intro to firebase auth
Using email and pass to register user
Check if user is logged in and how to sign out
Using Facebook login
Using email and pass login with TextInput
Intro to firebase database
How to set, update and delete data in firebase
Fetch data from the database
Firebase security rules
Structure Firebase database
Intro to firebase storage
Intro to firebase storage securty rules
Create and setup app from the command line
Adding base components to each screen
Starting to setup the feed screen
Adding a FlatList to the feed screen
Adding some styling to our FlatList
Create Firebase project and connect to our app
Structure database for project
Begin to make calls to the database to fetch information
Update our FlatList to user data from our database
Add security rules to app (part one)
Add security rules to app (part two)
Check if user is logged in
Make sure user is logged in whilst creating Profile UI
Building out Profile UI
Creating our profile modal screen & adding back button
Adjust comment file & add button to open comment screen
Building the upload screen part one
Building the upload screen part two
Building the upload screen part three
Building the upload screen part four
Building the upload screen part five
Create function to process photo and add to feed
Update FlatList to display uploaded photos
Create component to show list of photos across different screens
Building comments screen part 1
Building comments screne part 2
Building comments screen part 3
Building comments screen part 4
Profile to fetch details from database
Add edit profile form to profile page
Create save profile function
New component to contain login and sign up
Add login and signup buttons to component
Create login and signup functions
Create user object and test signup function
Final adjustments to the app