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Skillshare Build a Data-Driven Website with Django

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction
2. What is Django?
3. Installing Python and VirtualEnv
4. Installing and Using Git
5. Setting up a new Django project
6. (Optional) Set up a Dedicated Database
7. Creating a Gitignore file
8. Starting a New App with Django
9. Designing Database Models
10. Implementing Database Models
11. Using the Django Shell
12. Creating our First Page
13. Building Page Templates
14. Loading Static Files
15. Dynamic Data in a Template
16. Adding Custom Styles to a Page
17. Using Forms to Create Objects
18. Editing Existing Data Objects
19. Deleting Objects from the Database
20. Setting up the Second Data Model
21. Database Relationships
22. Creating Relationships Between Data Objects
23. Querying the Database
24. What's Next?