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Skillshare Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Essentials Training Course

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction to Premiere Pro Essentials training course
2. Getting started with your Premiere Pro course
3. What is the difference between After Effects & Premiere Pro
4. Getting your project setup in Premiere Pro
5. How to add import video your Premiere Pro Project
6. Class Project 01 - Basic Editing
7. Class Project 01 - Complete
8. Color Grading vs Color Correcting Video in Premiere Pro
9. Adding transitions between videos in Premiere Pro
10. Manually Balancing & Levelling Audio your audio in Premiere Pro
11. Automatically raising your audio in Premiere Pro
12. Add text & lower thirds to Premiere Pro
13. How to export a video from Premiere Pro
14. 14 vimeo
15. Weird Stuff I wish I knew when I started
16. Working with lost missing offline videos in Premiere Pro
17. Getting started with editing a wedding video in Premiere Pro
18. Organizing your video editing footage like a Pro in Premiere
19. Importing & organizing you footage inside Premiere Pro
20. Where to find free music for Premiere Pro
21. Saving & updating your workspace layout in Premiere Pro
22. Rough Cuts Using Source Monitor in Premiere Pro
23. Premiere Source Patching & Track Targeting what is the difference
24. Mastering bins & the thumbnail view in Premiere Pro
25. How to do an audio transition in Adobe Premiere Pro
26. Editing Audio in Premiere Pro
27. Introduction to Color Grading & LUT & Looks in Premiere Pro
28. Adding a LUT & Look to video in Premiere Pro
29. How to comparing before & after video in Premiere Pro
30. Class Project 03 - Wedding Practice
31. How to use an adjustment Layer in Premiere Pro
32. How to make a Black & White video in Premiere Pro
33. Adding Film Grain using the effects panel in Premiere Pro
34. How to add darkened edges vignette to video in Premiere Pro
35. How to apply the Orange & Teal effect to video in Premiere Pro
36. Creating your own default preset effect & lumetri in Premiere Pro
37. Importing & using someone else's preset in Premiere Pro
38. Speeding Up Premiere Pro so it doesn’t run slow 1
39. What are the yellow red colors on timeline rendering in Premiere
40. Shortcuts to speed up editing in Premiere Pro
41. Class Project 04 - Pre Wedding
42. Revisiting our talking head monolog to add more sizzle
43. Framing your video using scale & position in Premiere Pro
44. How to duplicate lumetri color onto all clips in Premiere Pro
45. Getting started in our Audio section of the Premiere Pro course
46. Organizing our footage & super full screen panel shortcut Premiere
47. Problems using headphones or speakers with Premiere Pro
48. Some audio can’t be fixed in Premiere Pro
49. Lifting little bits of audio up & down using keyframes in Premiere
50. Removing background noise like fans aircon fridge hum in Premiere
51. How to remove echo reverb from your video in Premiere Pro
52. Syncing aligning video & audio automatically in Premiere Pro
53. How to manually sync align video & audio in Premiere Pro
54. Customizing our workspace more in Premiere Pro
55. Shortening extending or looping background music in Premiere Pro
56. Technical audio problems wave not appearing on Premiere timeline
57. Stereo sound in Premiere Pro explained
58. How does Dolby 5.1 in premiere Pro work
59. Can only hear sound audio from one side in Premiere Pro
60. Separating stereo into two separate mono audio files in Premiere
61. What is the difference between Vibrance vs Saturation in Premiere
62. Changing color over time to black & white in Premiere Pro
63. Custom Lower thirds using the Essential Graphics panel
64. How to apply easing to keyframes in Premiere Pro
65. Changing the scale size of rectangle or text in Premiere Pro
66. Class Project 05 - Animating Text
67. Class Project 05 - Animating Text - Completed
68. Fade in overtime using opacity keyframes in Premiere Pro
69. Class Project 06 - Opacity Change
70. Class Project 06 - Opacity Change - Completed
71. Complexities of the Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere Pro
72. How to add a gradient in Premiere Pro
73. Checking video properties size dimensions in Premiere Pro
74. What is HD vs 4k in Premiere Pro
75. Mixing 4k video with HD video in Premiere Pro
76. What is frame rate fps frames per second in Premiere Pro
77. Difference between Media Encoder VS Premiere Pro
78. How to create small video mp4 size videos in Premiere Pro
79. Scale down 4k to HD when exporting to Media Encoder & Premiere
80. File types & codecs to use in Premiere Pro
81. Exporting video from Stereo to Mono in Premiere Pro
82. Class Project 07 - More Sizzle
83. Weird Project Panel & strange file behaviour in Premiere Pro
84. Weird things the timeline does in Premiere Pro
85. Getting started with social media video in Premiere Pro
86. What are aspect ratios how to set ratios in Premiere Pro
87. Setting the length of our video using markers in Premiere Pro
88. Working with text boxes in Premiere Pro
89. Animating text in our Instagram video in Premiere Pro
90. How to use the Time Code in Premiere Pro
91. Creating an Instagram story video in Premiere Pro
92. Editing voice over & music to our Instagram story Premiere
93. Animating moving video over time in Premiere Pro
94. Text animation for social media video in Premiere Pro
95. Exporting video for social media using Premiere Pro
96. How to get your Premiere Pro video from laptop to Instagram
97. Saving your own motion graphic template in Premiere Pro
98. Using the default Mogrt Templates in Premiere Pro
99. Installing free Adobe Stock Templates into Premiere Pro
100. Working with Harder Adobe Stock templates in Premiere
101. Where to get free motion graphic templates for Premiere Pro
102. Where to get great paid motion graphic template for Premiere Pro
103. Where to get Free Video to use commercially for Premiere Pro
104. Class Project 08 - Your Place
105. What is Pre & Post Production in Premiere Pro
106. Working with the Parkour footage in Premiere Pro
107. Importing Parkour footage into Premiere Pro
108. Editing the audio interview in Premiere Pro
109. What is a high frame rates in my video in Premiere Pro
110. Speeding up or slowing down footage in Premiere pro
111. Finding appropriate mood for music in Premiere Pro
112. Cutting the video to match your music in Premiere Pro
113. How to clean up your timeline in Premiere Pro
114. Introduction to B-roll & how to add it to our video in Premiere
115. Color Grading with downloaded LUTs in Premiere Pro
116. Cinematic Bars Letterbox cinema effect envelope in Premiere Pro
117. Class Project 9 - Parkour
118. Getting started making a how to video in Premiere Pro
119. How to record screen capture for Premiere Pro
120. Combining live video with screen recordings in Premiere
121. Zooming in to a screencast recording in Premiere
122. How to add a voice over to your screen capture in Premiere Pro
123. How to reattach audio clip after you've deleted it in Premiere
124. Pause Video Freeze Frame & Export Frame in Premiere Pro
125. How to burn in a logo watermark onto your video in Premiere Pro
126. How to remove green screen from video in Premiere Pro
127. Exporting multiple screencast videos from Premiere Pro to MP4
128. Introduction to new project using images
129. How to make images into a video in Premiere Pro
130. How to add fake pans & zooms to images in Premiere Pro
131. Adding lots of images at once to a timeline in Premiere Pro
132. How to change the default duration timing for an image in Premiere Pro
133. Change & apply default transition to lots of footage at once in Premiere
134. How to get your image slideshow to loop in premiere pro
135. How to add scale & position for multiple videos at once in Premiere
136. Class Project 10 - Unwrapped
137. The ULTIMATE Premiere Pro shortcut list
138. What Next after Premiere Pro Essentials