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Skillshare A Python project with coding framework and unit testing for beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction
2. What is Python ?
3. Installing Python
4. Installing PyCharm
5. Python basics
6. Python dictionary
7. Python List and Tuple
8. Organizing code with Objects and Methods
9. Initializing variables with Python constructor
10. Logging using basic config
11. Logging using file config
12. Having multiple loggers in an application
13. Error Handling with try except and raise
14. Reading configuration from properties file
15. Installing PostgreSQL
16. Reading from and writing to Postgres
17. Organizing code further
18. Handling the unique key constraint error
19. Reading data from a JSON
20. Writing JSON file data to PostgreSQL
21. What is REST?
22. Understanding how REST will be used in the application
23. Creating a REST API to fetch course list
24. Creating a REST API to store course information
25. Python unittest package
26. Data and error testing
27. Unit testing with PyTest