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Skillshare 10 (Amazing) CSS3 UI Design Projects

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Class Trailer
2. Mobile First Responsive Card Layout For Your Blog
3. Facebook And Youtube Like Loading Animation
4. Facebook Post Design Crushing The HTML Structure (Part 1)
5. Facebook Post Design Crafting Main FB Card Section (Part 2)
6. Facebook Post Design Building Comments Section (Part 3)
7. Breezy Typing Effect Animation For Your Headlines
8. FullScreen Overlay Navbar With Circle Animation
9. Luxury Custom Scrollbar for Your Website (in Webkit)
10. Creative Background Shape Divider
11. Smooth Gooey Menu Buttons
12. Building Lusty Animated Buttons
13. Fascinating Gradient Progress Scrollbar
14. Bonus: Creative CSS Shapes Design
15. Final Thought