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Sketch for UX Design

Introduction :
Sketch is for everyone

1. Getting Started :
Getting started with Sketch
Navigating the canvas

2. Creating Wireframes :
Shape tools
Arranging shapes
Working with text
Additional text options
Creating groups
Resizing shortcuts and grids with groups
Managing layers
Challenge: Add another screen
Challenge: Solution

3. Visual Design and Symbols :
Images and masks
Pixel alignment
Creating symbols
Symbol overrides
Data sources
Nested symbols
Creating a simple logo
Resizing symbols
Styles and visual effects
Editing shapes and Bézier curves
Using the Vector tool
Design plugins

4. Libraries :
Sketch Libraries overview
Creating a library
Sharing and managing libraries

5. Prototyping and Collaboration :
Basic prototyping in Sketch
Using hotspots
Prototyping fixed elements
Previewing with Sketch Mirror
Collaborating with Sketch Cloud

6. Exporting and Asset Management :
Export settings overview
Copying CSS and SVG code
Creating design specs with Measure
Design handoff tools
Style guides and design systems

Conclusion :
Next steps