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Site Point Write Clean, Pure Code by Following Functional JavaScript Principles

Video Introducing this tutorial

Lesson 1: What is Functional Programming?:
Imperative JavaScript
Object Oriented JavaScript
Functional Style
Pure Functions
Higher Order Functions

Lesson 2: Working with Recursion:
Traditional Looping
Simple Recursion
Issues to Consider with Recursion

Lesson 3: Understanding Currying:
Repetitive Code
Manual Currying
Deep Currying
Currying and Partial Application
Beyond Basic Currying

Lesson 4: Map, Reduce, and Filter:
For Loops
Performance and Usage

Lesson 5: Functional Compositions:
Nesting Functions
Manual Composition
A Simple Compose Utility
Composing with a Library

Lesson 6: What We've Learned:
What we've Learned
What's Next