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Site Point Use Modern HTML, CSS and JavaScript Features in your Code with Modernizr

Video Introducing this tutorial

Lesson 1: Course Overview:
What is Modernizr?
Getting Started
Getting a Copy of Modernizr

Lesson 2: Modernizr in Your CSS:
Using Modernizr CSS Classes
.no-feature vs .feature, What Should I Use?
When Not to Use The Modernizr CSS Classes
Adding a Custom Class Prefix

Lesson 3: Using Modernizr in your JavaScript:
Feature Detection in Your JavaScript
How Do I Know What All the Feature Detect Names Are?
Utilizing the APIs
Modernizr.prefixed and prefixedCSS
What is the HTML5Shiv and Print Shiv?

Lesson 4: Progressive Enhancement:
Progressive Enhancement (PE) Primer
.no-js vs .js class

Lesson 5: Course Conclusion: