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Site Point Understanding Jira for Users, Managers and Admins

Video Introducing this tutorial

Lesson 1: Course Introduction:
What is Confluence?
How to use this course successfully

Lesson 2: Terms & Concepts:
Section introduction
Understanding the basics of agile
Stories and epics
Issues and projects
Next-gen projects
Understanding the different Jira versions

Lesson 3: Basics of Using Jira:
Section introduction
Overview of Jira's interface
Looking at projects in Jira
Creating Issues
Searching for issues
Overview of the issue detail view
Old issue detail view vs new issue detail view
Working with filters
Overview of a scrum agile board
Continuing to look at a scrum agile board
Overview of a kanban agile board
Continuing to look at a kanban agile board
How next-gen projects work
Working with epics in classic projects
Working with epics in next-gen projects

Lesson 4: Jira for Managers & Team Leads:
Section introduction
Creating a scrum board
Editing a scrum board
Creating a kanban board
Editing a kanban board
Working with dashboards for your team
Saving filters for your team
Bulk creating issues
Bulk editing issues
Finding reports in Jira

Lesson 5: Jira for Administrators:
Section introduction
How user management works in Jira
Creating a new project
Overview of project administration
Overview of Jira administration
Understanding schemes
Creating a new issue type
Creating custom fields
Working with screens
Understanding the concepts behind workflows
Workflows in Jira
Using resolutions
Simplified workflows

Lesson 6: Course Summary:
Course summary