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Site Point Jira Visual Reference: Issue Administration

Video Introducing this tutorial

Lesson 1: Course Introduction:
Course introduction

Lesson 2: Issue Types:
Section introduction
Understanding the two issue types in Jira
Creating new issue types
Using issue type schemes
Deleting issue types

Lesson 3: Workflows:
Section introduction
Understanding workflows
Overview of the workflow designer
Creating a workflow
Transition properties
Transition triggers
Transition conditions
Transition validators
Transition post functions
Using workflow schemes
Deleting a workflow

Lesson 4: Screens:
Section introduction
Understanding the concept of screens
Creating and configuring screens
Screen schemes
Limitaitons of the view issue screen
Issue type screen schemes
Working with screens and schemes

Lesson 5: Fields:
Section introduction
Understanding fields
Working with fields
Field configurations
Field configuration schemes

Lesson 6: Issue Features:
Section introduction
Time tracking
Issue linking

Lesson 7: Issue Attributes:
Section introduction

Lesson 8: Additional Schemes:
Section introduction
Issue security schemes
Notification schemes
Permission schemes

Lesson 9: Course Conclusion:
Course conclusion and where to go from here