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Site Point Improve your Sketch Productivity with These Tips and Tricks

Video Introducing this tutorial

01. Logo Thumb Rules
02. Sketch vs Photoshop for Web and UI Design
03. A Guide to Sketch's Inspector Tool
04. Productive Sketch Tips You Should Know
05. How to Prepare Design Deliverables with Sketch
06. How to Use Sketch's Measure Plugin
07. Creating an Illustration in Sketch and Exporting it as an SVG
08. Sketch Keyboard Shortcuts
09. Byte - Why We Love Sketch in 1 Minute
10. Byte - How To Style Layers in Sketch in 1 Minute
11. Byte - How To Use Artboards in Sketch in 1 Minute
12. Byte - Layer List Interactions with Sketch in 1 Minute
13. Byte - Shared Styles in Sketch in 1 Minute
14. Byte - Using Smart Guides on Sketch in 1 Minute
15. Byte - Learning Symbols in Sketch in 1 Minute