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Site Point HTML & CSS For Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

Lesson 1: Chapter 1: Introducing to HTML:
Course Objectives and Introduction to HTML
Setting Up the Environment for Web Development - Demo
Basic Formatting Tags
How to Use the HTML Tags - Demo
Lists, Hyperlinks and Image Tags
More HTML Tags - Demo
HTML Tables
Table and Form Tags - Demo

Lesson 2: Chapter 2: Introducing CSS:
Introduction to CSS
Introduction to CSS - Demo
Color Keywords, Text and Fonts
Color Keywords, Text and Fonts - Demo
CSS Box Model
CSS Box Model and How to Manipulate Placement of Elements - Demo

Lesson 3: Chapter 3:
Block and Inline Elements; More Tags
Div Tag - Demo
New HTML Tags
Video, Footer and Nav Tags - Demo
CSS Rule Set, Grouping, Nesting, Pseudo Classes and Pseudo Elements
CSS Block Model and CSS Popup - Demo
Position Property
Designing a Web Site Using the CSS Concepts - Demo 1
Designing a Web Site Using the CSS Concepts - Demo 2
Advanced CSS
Navigational Menu - Demo 1
Navigational Menu - Demo 2
Navigational Menu - Demo 3

Lesson 4: Chapter 4: Conclusion:
Course Wrapup