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Site Point Build Your First Backbone.js App

Video Introducing this tutorial

Lesson 1: Course Introduction:
Course Introduction
Prerequisites and Installation
Backbone.js and You
Other Technologies Used Throughout This Course

Lesson 2: Laying the Foundations:
Preparing the App
File Structure and Loading the Project
Planning the App

Lesson 3: Views:
Meet the View
Drafting Events List View
Binding Events
Using Handlebars.js Templates
Styling and Organizing the App
Precompiling Handlebars.js Templates

Lesson 4: Models and collections:
Your First Model
Introducing Collections
Rendering Collection
Binding Events to Collections
Adding Form to Create New Items
Removing Items
Adding Validations

Lesson 5: Working with routes:
Routing in Backbone.js
Creating Backbone.js Router
Adding Routes
Generating Custom Identifiers

Lesson 6: Refactoring and Finalizing the App:
Proper Naming
Reducing Code Duplication Using Inheritance
Introducing Layouts
Working with Regions
Introducing Application Layout

Lesson 7: Working with Backbone’s Plugins:
Introduction to Backbone.js Plugins
Better Validations
Using StickIt to introduce Data Binding

Lesson 8: Conclusion: