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Site Point Build a Responsive Web Site from Scratch

Video Introducing this tutorial

Lesson 1: Introduction:

Lesson 2: Planning and Slicing:
The Design
Exporting Assets

Lesson 3: Setting Up a Front-End Workflow:
What is a Front-end Workflow?
Installing Node.js, npm and Gulp
Installing Gulp Plugins
Creating Gulp Tasks

Lesson 4: Working with HTML:
The BEM Methodology
Building the HTML Page Structure
HTML for the Page Content

Lesson 5: Working with Sass:
Sass Partial Structure
Responsive Mixins and Functions
CSS Reset, Google Fonts and Font Awesome

Lesson 6: Building a Grid System:
The Grid System Concept
Prototyping the Grid in CSS
Creating a Responsive Grid Mixin

Lesson 7: Styling the Website:
Styling the Header and Navigation
Styling the Footer
Styling the Page Sections
Styling the Portfolio Section
Styling the Blog Section
Styling the Contact Form
Creating a Responsive Hamburger Menu
Refining the Responsiveness

Lesson 8: Conclusion:
Conclusion and Next Steps