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Siam Mask Object Tracking and Segmentation in OpenCV Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Object Tracking Introduction
Single and Multi-Object Video Object Tracking
Object Segmentation
Siam Mask Object Segmentation Tracking
Siam Mask Course Overview

Paper Review :
How does Siam Mask Work Intro
Fully Convolutional Siamese Network
SiamFC and Siam RPN
Siam Mask
Implementation Details
Siam Mask Performance
Results of Siam Mask
Important Links

Environmental Setup :
Environmental Setup Intro
What you will Need
Setup and GitHub Code
Anaconda Setup
Setup Python Environment
3_6 Running the Demo
3_7 Demo Analysis
3_8 Key Take-away

Working with Your Own Dataset :
4_1 Using your Own Dataset Intro
4_2 Siam Mask Execution Commands
4_3 Converting the Dataset into Images
4_4 Running the Demo on your own Dataset
4_5 Activity - Test it on your own video

Training Dataset Processing :
5_1 Training Datasets Overview
5_2 YouTube VOS Dataset
5_3 COCO Dataset
5_4 ImageNet Datasets
5_5 YouTube VOS Training Dataset Process
5_6 Step 1 - Using the Correct Directory
5_7 Step 2 - Downloading the Raw Image Dataset
5_8 Annotation Metafile Format Review
5_9 Dataset Post Processing
5_10 Step 3 - Crop and Generate Data Info
5_11 Convert Raw Data to Summarised Training format
5_12 How to Repeat for Other Datasets
5_13 Activity - Try Out your Own Datasets

Training Siam Mask :
6_1 Intro to Siam Mask Training
6_2 Why Use Test Data
6_3 Step 0 - Downloading Test Data
6_4 Step 1 - Download the Pre-trained Model
6_5 Step 2 - Training Siam Mask Base Model
6_6 Post-Training Checkpoints
6_7 Overview of Checkpoint Testing
6_8 Activity - Train you own Dataset

Testing Siam Mask :
7_1 Testing SiamMask Intro
7_2 Various Options for Testing SiamMask
7_3 Option 1 - Testing Checkpoints on VOT
7_4 Option 2 - Best Model for Hyperparametric Search
7_5 Option 3 - Tracking on your Own Dataset
7_6 Siam Mask Custom Model Testing Summary

Error Handling and Troubleshooting :
A1 - Error_Handling_-_jitdebug
A2 - Error_Handling_-_CUDA
A3 - Error_Handling_-_NoneType
A4 - Error_Handling_-_checkpoint_e9
A5 - Error_Handling_-_jq-_command_not_found
A6 - Error_Handling_-_NAN_FPS

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