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PentesterAcademy OSINT: Fun with Open Source Intelligence

Video Introducing this tutorial

OSINT Basics:
What is intelligence and OSINT
Grey Areas and Ethics
Robin Sage - A powerful Social Engineering experiment
Information is Everywhere
Lab 1: Using OSINT to build a fake/ puppet profile for intelligence gathering purposes and connecting with individuals of interest

Tools and engines for use in your OSINT searches:
Thinking and Analysis
Looking at websites
Google Custom Searches
Disposable Search Engines
FOCA, & Maltego
Lab 2: Building your own Google Custom Search Engine

Scenarios and Cases:
Counter Intelligence and Defenses
Fake BBC news site and spreading misinformation
Attacking the Stock Market
General Petraeus and Clinton
Volkswagen emissions scandal
Mossack Fonseca (Mossfon)
Intelligence Gathering Recipe
Lab 3: Gathering intelligence on an organization
Concluding Thoughts

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