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PentesterAcademy – Embedded IoT Linux for Red Blue Teams

Course Introduction
Embedded Linux Booting Process (Multi-Stage Bootloaders, Kernel, Filesystem)
Booting the BeagleBone Black with Custom Linux
Deep Dive: Exploring U-Boot
U-Boot: Linux Manual Boot
U-Boot: Network Booting
U-Boot Bootkit: Filesystem Tampering
IoT Firmware Internals: The Toolchain
IoT Firmware Internals: The Bootloader U-Boot
IoT Firmware Internals: Kernel and Device Tree
IoT Firmware Internals: Root Filesystem with Buildroot
IoT Firmware Internals: Booting the Device
IoT Backdoors: Remote Shell
Understanding IoT Rootkits: Hello World
Understanding IoT Rootkits: Hiding Itself
Understanding IoT Rootkits: Modify Process Name
Understanding IoT Rootkits: System Call Monitoring
Understanding IoT Rootkits: Subverting Kill Command
Understanding IoT Rootkits: Network Stack Monitoring
Understanding IoT Rootkits: Network Stack Backdoor
IoT/Embedded Device: UART Access
IoT/Embedded Device: Navigating the GPL Code
GPL Firmware: Compile Custom Userspace Applications
GPL Firmware: Kernel Compilation
GPL Firmware: Porting Custom Kernel Modules
GPL Firmware: Porting iamhiding.ko
GPL Firmware: Porting Netfilter Monitor
GPL Firmware: Porting Network Backdoor Demo