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Securing Your Network from Attacks

Video Introducing this tutorial
00001 Course Overview
00002 Yes You Are a Target
00003 Typical Attacks Against a Network
00004 DOS DDOS Attacks
00005 A Malicious Hacker s Methodology
00006 What We Can Learn from Malicious Hackers
00007 Scanning Tools and Methodology
00008 Social Engineering
00009 Physical Attacks
00010 Getting Sneaky with MiTM and DDOS Attacks
00011 ExploidDB
00012 What is an Insider Threat
00013 Why Employee Training is Important and Some Tips
00014 Why You Need to Strike a Balance Between Security and Ease of Use
00015 Employee Reporting
00016 Patching Everything
00017 Antivirus and Console Tools
00018 Fake Error Messages a Look at Scareware and What it is
00019 Limiting User Rights
00020 Application Reduction Why You Should Slim It Down
00021 VPN What it is Why They are Important
00022 System Log Files
00023 Monitoring Software
00024 Snort IDS
00025 Network Alert Software and Monitoring Meraki
00026 IP What is IP Addresses Why They are Important
00027 About Phishing Emails
00028 Identifying Phishing Emails
00029 Running a Phishing Campaign
00030 What is a Red Team
00031 What is a Blue Team
00032 In-house or Contracted
00033 What is OSINT
00034 Trace Labs OSINT VM
00035 Tracking by IP
00036 Canary Tokens
00037 Bitcoin Tracking
00038 Damage Control and Assessment
00039 Backup and Recovery
00040 Developing and Learning from Your Attack