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Sean Allen – Dub Dub Grub – An intermediate SwiftUI course with MapKit and CloudKit

Video Introducing this tutorial
Course Overview - What You'll Learn
Project Brief - What You Will Build
Design Process - Idea > Drawings > Sketch > App
Product Philosophy - Value of Curation and App Ideas
WWDC 2021 & iOS 15 Updates
Slack Channel Access & Overview
Project Setup - TabView, CloudKit, Assets
MapView - Show the Map
Location List View
Location Detail View
Navigation Link & ScrollView
Profile View - Part 1 - Name Section
Profile View - Part 2 - Bio Character Count View
First Refactor and Project Organization
What is CloudKit - Pros & Cons
CloudKit Basics - Terms & Definitions
WWDC21 CloudKit Dashboard Redesign
CloudKit Dashboard Overview
Creating Our Schema
Create DDGLocation Records
Model - DDGLocation
Model - Profile & UI Update
CloudKitManager Setup
AlertItem Setup
MVVM Setup
MapKit & CoreLocation Intro
@EnvironmentObject & Map Pins
Location List, Detail and CKAsset to UIImage
Simulator Setup - iCloud Login & Custom Location
Showing User Location on the Map
OnboardView UI
OnboardView Persistence
PhotoPicker - UIViewControllerRepresentable
Profile Form Validation
UIImage -> CKAsset Conversion
Create Profile Record
Retrieve Profile Record
ProfileView - Refactor - ViewModel
ProfileView - Refactor - CloudKitManager Revamp
ProfileView - LoadingView & Alerts
Profile View - Update Existing Profile
Open Maps For Directions & Make a Call
Profile Modal - UI
ProfileModalView - Logic & Animation
LocationDetailView - Update Check-In Status
LocationDetailView - Show Checked In Profiles
LocationDetailView - Check In/Out UI Polish
ProfileView - Check Out
LocationListView - Avatars - Decision Making
LocationListView - Avatars - CloudKit
LocationListView - Avatars - UI
Custom Map Annotation - Shape
Custom Map Annotation - View
Custom Map Annotation - Implementation
Custom Map Annotation - Badges
Project Cleanup & Code Style
What is the "Second 90%"?
Launch Screen
Haptic Feedback