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Scala & Functional Programming Practice (Updated 062021)

Video Introducing this tutorial
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Scala Recap
Lists Intro
Get K-th element (easy)
Length (easy)
Reverse (easy)
Concatenation (easy)
Remove K-th element (easy)
The big 3: map, flatMap, filter (easy)
Run-length Encoding (medium)
Duplicate Elements (medium)
Rotate List (medium)
Random Samples (medium)
An Improved flatMap (medium)
Insertion Sort (hard)
Merge Sort (hard)
Quick Sort (hard)
Prime check (easy)
Decompose into Primes (easy)
(bonus) Enhancing Numbers
Approximating Pi (medium)
Recurring Decimals (hard)
Largest Number (easy)
Reverse Integer (easy)
Parse Integer (medium)
Ugly Number (medium)
Duplicates (medium)
Count Chars (easy)
Anagram Check (medium)
Valid Parentheses (easy)
Generate Valid Parentheses (medium)
Justify (hard)
Ransom Note (easy)
Compare Version Numbers (medium)
Multiply Strings (hard)
Reorganize Strings (medium)
Reverse Words (easy)
Trees Intro
Check Leaves (easy)
Size (easy)
Collect Nodes at Level (medium)
Mirroring a Tree (medium)
Shape of you? (medium)
ToList (medium)
Path Sum (medium)
Path Sum 2 (hard)
Surveillance Cameras (hard)
Graphs Intro and Degrees
Path Check (medium)
Find Path (medium)
Make Undirected (medium)
Graph Coloring (hard)
Find Town Judge (easy)
University Courses (easy)
University Courses 2 (medium)
Computer Network Delay (hard)
ASCII Fractals with Sierpinski (medium)
N-Queens (hard)
Pocket Calculator (hard)