Sans SEC660 Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploit Writing, and Ethical Hacking

Video Introducing this tutorial

Network Attacks for Penetration Testers:
Accessing the Network
Manipulating the Network
Routing Attacks
IPv6 for Penetration Testers
Exploiting the Network

Crypto and Post-Exploitation:
Crypto For Pen Testers
Escaping Restricted Desktops
Powershell Essentials for Pen Testers
Escape and Escalation
Modern Bypasses & Tools
Appendix A. Powershell Essentials
Appendix B. Management Tasks with Powershell

Python, Scapy, and Fuzzing:
Product Security Testing
Python for Non-Python Coders
Leveraging Scapy
Fuzzing Introduction and Operation
Building a Fuzzing Grammar with Sulley
Fuzzing Block Coverage Measurement
Source-Assisted Fuzzing with AFL

Exploiting Linux for Penetration Testers:
Introduction to Memory
Introduction to Shellcode
Smashing the Stack
Advanced Stack Smashing

Exploiting Windows for Penetration Testers:
Introduction to Windows Exploitation
Windows OS Protections and Compile-Time Controls
Windows Overflows
Defeating Hardware DEP with ROP
Building a Metasploit Module
Windows Shellcode

Capture the Flag:
Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag. Solution

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