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Sans SANS – SEC487 Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Analysis

Video Introducing this tutorial

Foundation of OSINT
Gathering Searching and Analyzing OSINT
Social Media Geolocation and Imagery
Networks Government Business
The Dark Web Breach Data and International Issues
Capstone Capture and Present the Flags
Course Introduction
Understanding OSINT
Goals of OSINT Collection
Diving into the Collecting
Taking Excellent Notes
Determining Your Threat Profile
Setting up an OSINT Platform
Effective Habits and Process
Leveraging Search Engines
Data Analysis Challenges
Creating Sock Puppets
Harvesting Web Data
File Metadata Analysis
OSINT Frameworks
Basic Data Addresses and Phone Numbers
Basic Data Email Addresses
User Names
Avatars and Reverse Image Searches
Additional Public Data
People Search Engines
Facebook Analysis
Linkedin Data
Twitter Data
Imagery and Maps
IP Address
Findings Online Devices
Wireless Networks
Recon Tool Suites and Frameworks
Government Data
Researching Companies
The Surface Deep and Dark Webs
The Dark Web
I2P Invisible Internet Project
Monitoring and Alerting
International Issues
Vehicle Searches
Putting It All Together
Introduction and Information
Rules and Regulations
Scenario and Start