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Rhino 7 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Rhino essentials

1. The Rhino Interface :
Launching commands
Customizing the UI for commands
Getting feedback
Using the Properties panel
The versatile Gumball
File features and strategies

2. Workflow Basics :
Setting and fixing Rhino preferences
Selecting objects
Organizing a project using layers
Basic transformations: Moving
Basic transformations: Rotating
Basic transformations: Scaling

3. Drawing with 2D Geometry :
Lines and polylines
Creating 2D shapes
Creating arcs, circles, and ellipses
Free-form curves: The key to organic modeling
Curve tips

4. Modeling with Basic Surfaces :
Construction strategies
Extruding curves and modeling strategies
Lofting surfaces
Using Revolve and Rail Revolve
Sweeping rails
Surface from Curve Network

Conclusion :
Next steps