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Commercial Color Grading With Sef McCullough

Video Introducing this tutorial

01-Color Grading Basics-Introduction
02-Color Grading Basics-Opening a Color Workspace
03-Color Grading Basics-How to Unpack Color
04-Color Grading Basics-Using Hue Maps
05-Color Grading Basics-Adobe Color CC Online
06-Color Grading Basics-Adobe Color Themes
07-Getting Started-Unpacking Image I
08-Getting Started-Image I Edit
09-Getting Started-Unpacking Image II
10-Getting Started-Image II Edit
11-Getting Started-Unpacking Image III
12-Getting Started-Image III Edit
13-Color Harmonies-Unpacking Image IV
14-Color Harmonies-Analogous Variant
15-Color Harmonies-Complementary Variant
16-Color Harmonies-Split Complementary Variant
17-Recreating a Color Grade-Unpacking Image V
18-Recreating a Color Grade-Creating Smart Filters
19-Recreating a Color Grade-Adjusting Smart Filters
20-Breaking Down LUTs-Applying LUTs
21-Breaking Down LUTs-Recreating LUTs
22-Image Families-Unpacking Image VI
23-Image Families-Matching Image VI
24-Image Families-Unpacking Image VII
25-Image Families-Matching Image VII
26-Creative Color Grading-Color Balance
27-Creative Color Grading-Creating Depth
28-Creative Color Grading-Color Variations
29-Creative Color Grading-Experimental Grade
30-Creative Color Grading-Wrap_Up

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