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Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Server Hardening – Exam EX413 Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome To The Course 01m 12s
About The Author 00m 42s

Software Updates
RHCVEs And RHSAs 05m 02s
YUM Security Features 04m 19s
Verify Packages 04m 18s
Updating And Installing Packages 05m 54s

File System Creation
BTRFs Filesystem Creation 06m 04s
Ext4 Filesystem Creation 03m 03s
XFS Filesystem Creation 02m 50s
Encrypted Filesystems 07m 34s

File System Properties
General Filesystem Properties 06m 25s
BTRFs Filesystem Properties 03m 11s
Ext4 Filesystem Properties 02m 01s
XFS Filesystem Properties 03m 05s

Special Permissions
SUID Permissions 06m 23s
SGID Permissions 06m 20s
Sticky Bit Permissions 02m 30s

File Access Controls
FACL Concepts 03m 32s
FACL Management 09m 05s

User Account Security
User Accounts 04m 58s
Password Aging 07m 00s
Group Account Security 05m 50s

Pam Concepts 04m 01s
Pam Configuration 08m 54s
Pam Examples 08m 17s

Central Authentication Installation
Understand RH Identity Management 03m 56s
Install RH Identity Management Server 09m 53s
Install RH Identity Management Client 02m 13s

Central Authentication Management
The IDM Command Line Utilities 05m 50s
The IDM Web UI 03m 58s

System Logging
Review Rsyslogd Configuration 06m 10s
Rsyslogd Modules 05m 12s
Journald 07m 04s
Remote Logging 04m 52s

System Auditing
Overview Of System Auditing 05m 17s
The Audit Service Configuration 11m 33s
Audit Log Files 07m 02s

Firewall Review 06m 27s
Firewalld Services 05m 09s
Firewalld Rich Rules 06m 05s
Firewalld Port Forwarding 03m 58s

Wrap Up And Thank You 00m 30s