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Rapid Prototyping with InVision

Introduction 01m 51s
About The Author 00m 45s

Prototyping and User Experience
What Is Rapid UX Prototyping? 03m 25s
Prototyping In The UX Design Process 05m 48s
Planning Your Prototype's Goals 03m 40s
Tips For Creating Effective Prototypes 06m 43s
What Is InVision? 02m 55s

Build Your First InVision Prototype
Create An InVision Account 00m 35s
Create Your First Project 01m 17s
Adding Hotspots To Your Prototype 04m 33s
Sharing Your Prototype With Others 02m 02s

Collaborating With Team Members In InVision
Adding Collaborators To Your Project 01m 36s
Adding Comments To A Prototype 02m 03s
Reviewing And Resolving Comments 01m 24s
Tour Points, Notes, And Private Notes 01m 50s
Using LiveShare To Collaborate With Your Team 02m 37s
Reassign Your Prototype To Another User 00m 34s

Organizing And Managing Your InVision Prototype
Organizing Your Screens Using Sections 02m 37s
Renaming And Searching For Screens 02m 10s
Removing And Archiving Screens 01m 28s
Duplicating Screens 01m 48s

Building On The Basics
Introduction 00m 35s
Working With Hotspot Templates 04m 35s
Setting Fixed Headers And Footers 02m 24s
Adding Hover States With Hover Hotspots 04m 25s
Using Overlays To Layer Screens 03m 41s
Link To Another Point On The Same Screen 04m 19s
Using Timed Redirects To Automatically Move To Other Screens 02m 18s

Other Ways To Share Your Prototype For Feedback
Download Your Prototype To Use Offline 03m 30s
Customizing And Managing Share Links 04m 49s
Usability Test A Desktop Prototype With UserTesting 01m 40s
Get Feedback On A Mobile Prototype With LookBack 01m 47s

Managing Your Prototype's Workflow In InVision
Activity Feed And Workflow Features 02m 31s
Using History Mode To Track Changes 00m 50s
Using Live Embed To Integrate With Other Collaboration Tools 01m 42s

Create Your First Mobile Prototype
Introduction 00m 45s
Adding Complexity With Gestures And Transitions 04m 30s
The InVision Mobile App 02m 01s

Using InVision's Craft Plug-In With Sketch
Invision's Craft Plug-In For Sketch And Photoshop 02m 32s
Using Craft's Data And Duplicate In Sketch 04m 10s
Pairing Sync And Inspect Mode 01m 49s
Create Reusable And Sharable Styles With Library 01m 40s
Solicit Real-Time Feedback With Freehand 01m 07s

Wrap up And Thank You 01m 38s