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R Programming Fundamentals

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to R:
Course Overview
Installation and Setup
Lesson Overview
Using R, RStudio, and Installing Useful Packages
Variable Types and Data Structures: Variable Types
Variable Types and Data Structures: Data Structures
Basic Flow Control
Data Import and Export
Getting Help with R
RStudio Community, Stack Overflow, and the Rest of the Web
Lesson Summary

Data Visualization and Graphics:
Introduction to Data Visualization and Graphics
Creating Base Plots Part I
Creating Base Plots Part II
Creating Base Plots Part III
ggplot2: Introduction
ggplot2: Histogram and Bar Chart
ggplot2: Scatterplots and boxplots
ggplot2: Digging in aes(), and Facet Wrapping and Gridding
ggplot2: Boxplot + coord_flip() and Adding Titles and Axis labels to ggplot2
Interactive Plots
Lesson Summary

Data Management:
Lesson Overview
Factor Variables
Summarizing Data
Splitting and Combining Datasets
Merging and Joining Datasets
Lesson Summary